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First room                                70.00
Additional whole rooms        50.00
Additional traffic areas          30.00
Additional stairways               40.00​
Additional hallways    10.00 - 25.00

Clinton Township MI Carpet Cleaning Service

Watch The Mohawk SmartStrand Challenge. This video will give you a new perspective on how amazing Mohawk Carpet cleans. You can click on the link above to learn more about Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet.

Includes: Pretreating with enzymes, Deodorizing, and cleaning for average size rooms. (No hidden charges.)

Clinton Township MI Carpet Cleaning Service
Clinton Township MI Carpet Cleaning Service
Clinton Township MI Carpet Cleaning Service
Universal Cleaning Service
Washington, MI 48094 US
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Maintenance Tip:

Carpet Cleaning every 6 months is recommended by carpet manufactures. Cleaning carpet can prolong the life of your carpet. What you spot clean with and how you wash your floors that are next to carpets, makes carpet last longer and stay cleaner. Residue from spot cleaners cause dust and dirt to stick, which makes carpet wear faster. Think of carpet like your cloths, you wouldn't scrub your clothes with soap then let them just dry. You would rinse your cloths free of soap. For spot cleaning try peroxide and vinegar (Mix half and half, always mix fresh and do not use on wool) blot carpet do not scrub.  Also use vinegar on most hard floors for residue free cleaning. This slows traffic pattern soil build up. (Do not use vinegar on marble floors)

Our Carpet Choice:

When choosing carpet for your home or office, we recommend Mohawk Flooring. Anytime we have experienced cleaning Mohawk carpet,  the results are great. They stand behind their product and they last. 

Carpet Cleaning Dry Time:

Carpet cleaning dry time depends on some different factors. The weather outside and how much carpet cleaning you are having done. Carpet can dry in 8-24 hours. Carpets can feel dry to touch in 2-4 hours. Air flow is the most important part in drying your carpet. During the summer months it is humid outside, so it's important to keep your air conditioning running to dehumidify your home which dries your carpet faster. In the winter months the airs is dry outside which helps carpet to dry even faster. Use the heat and airflow in the winter. The main rule to remember is not to put furniture or items that have not been protected with blocks or tabs back on carpet for 24 hours. This will ensure no damage to the carpet.

Why Choose Steam Cleaning over other methods?

Steam cleaning uses water. When we clean carpet, we extract the soil out with a truck-mounted system that uses high temperature water of about 220 degrees. Other methods absorb the soil with cotton pads or chemical compounds. For example when you wash your clothes, you wash them with water. Would you soak your clothes in a carbonation or solvent solution to get them clean? From a health stand point, water is natural and you can drink it. Water is use for everything in our daily lives. so why would you use anything different on your carpet?  

Spot Cleaning Tip:

For that unfortunate wine spill....

  • Mix equal parts white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. 

  • Always mix fresh. 

  • Blot with white towel.


Let us show you the difference in a quality carpet cleaning. We guarantee you will see our carpet cleaning is far superior to other companies. If your not happy we will  re-clean or refund your money with a smile. We believe in giving you a professional carpet cleaning and not a quick production cleaning. Give us a call today and let us prove it!

Clinton township Mi carpet cleaning service


With Universal Cleaning Service Inc. , you will experience a new level of carpet cleaning companies. Our attention to detail and unsurpassed quality has made us a referral and repeat service. We have been servicing Macomb MI ad Oakland MI since 1991. Carpet Cleaning in Washington and Upholstery Cleaning are some of the services we offer. We deal with a wide range of commercial and residential needs. Let us provide you with a customized carpet cleaning for your home or office. Universal Cleaning Service Inc. Clinton Township MI Carpet Cleaning Service.