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Flood Service Harrison Township MI

Flood service Harrison Township mi

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Flood Service Harrison Township MI
Flood Service Harrison Township MI
Flood Service Harrison Township MI
Flood Service Harrison Township MI
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Flood Service

Harrison Township Michigan

Flood Tip:

During the summer months, the air is humid. Turning the air conditioning on will act as a dehumidifier. Air conditioning will help to remove water from the air. Do not rely on this as the only dehumidification for a flood. This is just a tip to help during the summer months. A flood the happens in the winter months is less likely to have odor until the summer humidity rises. So its important to have the flood areas extracted and dried by a professional.


Dehumidifying after a flood is the most important part in the flood service process. Drying out the carpet is one part. Walls, base moldings, and furniture need to be addressed also, moisture will absorb in any porous objects. After we extract water from carpets, we place dehumidifiers in flooded areas to remove water from finished areas as well as furniture. The drying process will stop odor and mold from starting. If left to dry with out dehumidifiers, you will first experience a stagnant odor and then mold can follow.  

Sub floor Extraction:

We use a Water claw for sub floor extraction of the carpet and padding. The water Claw extracts from the padding up which allows us to not have to lift carpet up for drying in most cases. This process can save the padding and carpet in most cases. Traditional methods extract with just a wand and the lift the carpet to place blower to dry. By calling us as so as possible we can try and in most cases avoided lifting the carpet. 

Flood Service Harrison Township  MI

With Universal Cleaning Service Inc. Flood service is one part of our business. As a carpet cleaning services, we do flood service in Michigan. 

We can extract the water from that unwanted failed sump pump, water leak, or sewer backup. After we remove the flood water we place dehumidifiers and blowers in the flooded areas. Drying the flooded area as fast as possible from the flood will stop odor and mold issues. The most common mistake people make is to try and extract the water from the flood with a shop vac and then wait to see if it will dry out fast enough. When you do that odor and mold can start. The carpet is one area of concern when you have a flood The walls and content in the areas of a flood need to be dried also We will make sure all content is taken care of from that unwanted flood. The faster you call us the faster we can dry extract and dry out the areas so your problem with disappear. Flood service Harrison Township MI.